12 November 2010

Hi there

My search is basically me going crazy not knowing what kind of a job I would like in the future. You ever had that? There are people who are born for a job and when they were kids they already knew what they wanted. I know what I like but I don't know what I want. For example, I like: writing books, archeology, mythology, criminology, drawing, singing and playing guitar, magic, acting, history, teaching, English language, travelling...do I need to continue? Oh yeah I forgot, I am Romanian, I live in Holland and like to write in English...just to make it more simple.

So I quit my job, just like that. Some people called me crazy others thought it was a great decision. Now I am giving myself 3 months to find a job I really like. Of course I won't find the dream job but maybe I can find something I can look forward to.

I work at a local radiostation, on voluntary base but at least I can have the feeling I'm achieving something. Oh and I am trying to get my book published, fantasy book but I ask myself every day if I stand a chance. I mean even in this blog I probably made more spellingmistakes then I believe I made. But I still have to try no matter what. And besides all of this I am just trying to rearange the things I like and not do everything at the same time, I wanna read, write, study and have fun all at once. I am truly amazed my head hasn't exploded till now.

I'm looking outside and cursing the Dutch weather. I don't know what you've heard but it is truly as people say: cold, windy and rainy. Makes me pack my bags and just get out of here. I wonder if I can find a job in the Bamahas?

That's it for now. I'm gonna go read, sing, stand on my head, whatever


  1. http://www.allbahamasjobs.com/

  2. Ha ha that's a good one. Thanx, I'm going to take a good look at it! Maybe I'll become a doctor or something..;)